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The “New Center” in Healthcare

Joe Flower, a Sausilito, California-based healthcare analyst/futurist was recently featured in an article over at, where he discussed the future potential of primary care in the U.S.  

Joe believes that an epic shift is healthcare is currently occurring that will lead to a system that places an increased importance on primary care physicians.  A very interesting article and I highly recommend reading that entire piece yourself.  

Click HERE to check it out. 


Independent Physician Practice “Dead”?

According to new research from recruitment firm Merritt Hawkins, one might have to agree.

Their findings indicate that recruitment of doctors into independent practice’s has decreased at a shocking pace. ..

“Only 1 percent of its search assignments in 2011/2012 (down from 22 percent 11 years ago and 2 percent in last year’s report) were for recruitments of doctors into solo practices.”

The problem with this metric (as they point out in the article) is the question “Does the fact they doctors aren’t being recruited into independent practices actually mean that the independent practice is dead?”

Granted, there differing opinions on whether or not the independent practitioner is dead, but one thing is for sure—they are certainly in decline.

What’s your take?  You can read the full article HERE.