“ObamaCare” Upheld. What Now?

As you have by now heard, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Many Americans stand to be affected by this ruling and there are certainly conflicting opinions about the law itself and the effect it will have on the healthcare industry as a whole.

I am by no means an expert on Constitutional Law, so I will defer to healthcare law and policy expert, Bruce Fried.

When asked about the movement to repeal the ACA, Dr. Fried had this to say: ““While many political challenges remain, at this point the law is the law,” says Mr. Fried.  It’s time for physicians to adjust to the new reality, he continues. “The healthcare system has already begun to change as employers and commercial insurers begin to adopt and implement changes to how healthcare is delivered and financed,” Mr. Fried says. “From where I sit, these changes offer physicians enormous opportunities to help shape the healthcare system, and that can only be good.”

At the Physician Practice Survival Conference, Mr. Fried will address how the Supreme Court’s decision shapes the legal and regulatory landscape for independent physicians. Joining Mr. Fried on the physician conference program will be some of the most respected leaders in healthcare, from practicing physicians to industry executives to third-party solution providers. In addition to the implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling, the day-and-a-half conference will examine the economic challenges that threaten the survival of independent physician practices. A full roster of healthcare thought leaders will also discuss the business models that can answer these challenges and produce long-term economic stability for physicians who wish to remain independent.


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